Wednesday, February 20, 2013

odds and ends

I love the confidence of my baby girl.  Often I will be holding Brennan, staring into his round little face, and cooing things like, "Hi there cutie!"

Every single time, Emmy will look up from whatever she is doing and say, "Hi Mama."

Last week I met the governor.  I was nursing a baby.
Today I drove through a Starbucks drive-thru... while nursing a baby.
My life is like the game you play with take-out fortunes.

Please please please friends, the next time you are looking at houses to rent or buy, don't be early for your appointment.  Just don't.  Especially not if they have kids.  Yesterday the couple showed up half an hour early.  There were still legos on the table, Emmy was still cranky after just waking up, and I was nursing (of course) a baby wearing only a diaper.  But I was on track!  In half an hour the house would have been clean and fresh, and the kids would have already been out of sight.  Over the weekend, a couple showed up 20 minutes early - just as the vacuum spit dust all over the dining room.

If you're ahead of schedule, just go get a cup of coffee.  Please.

Emmy is afraid of mud.  She thinks all mud is an ant hill.
I'm not really sure how to help a two-year-old decipher which mud bites, and which is benign.
Until I figure it out, though, every time she steps outside she begins her chant. "Oh no my ant bites.  Hurt my my foot.  Watch out my ant bites, Mama."

Happy Wednesday, friends.

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Kendra said...

Love it. Love it all. I've been meaning to comment forever, but somehow get distracted right as I get ready to. I love Emmy's confidence too. It reminds me of when I was a preschool teacher and we did "Donuts and Dad's day" and we'd do little survey's with the kids about their Dad's...we'd ask "what's your Dad's favorite thing to do?" and I'd love when the kids would answer earnestly "play with me". Love it.

I CAN'T BELIEVE you are moving across the states! I mean, I can. But wow. You and four Littles. I want to weep for you when I think about that car trip!