Monday, November 12, 2012

My mother-in-law brought over two Milano cookies for each child, neatly labeled with their names on three little bags.

I love Milano cookies.

I immediately gave each child a cookie.  They loved Milano cookies too.  Then I put their little neatly labeled bags on the counter.

For three days I stared at those little neatly labeled bags.  I love Milano cookies.  But there was no way to sneak one, because inevitably a child was going to remember them and ask for them,  and then his brother and sister would want theirs, and I would be caught.

But I love Milano cookies.  And have I mentioned I'm nursing a newborn?  Ever eaten a meal with a woman who is nursing a newborn?  We eat like linebackers, friends.  Several times a day I would walk into the kitchen to get a protein bar or yogurt and stare at those little bags.

I can't, I would think.

But I love Milano cookies.

Then tonight, after staring at them for days, inspiration struck.  It occurred to me how I could have one of the kids' Milano cookies.

I ate them all.

Then threw away the neatly labeled bags, obviously.

They were so worth it.

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Ella said...

Totally would have done the same thing! Actually, as I was reading this, I was telling you to do that very thing! :)