Monday, September 24, 2012

First, read Missy's post entitled "On grieving for little black girls we never knew."  Beautiful.  I have had a similar experience with foster children.  Just knowing that this exists - that we live in a world where such a system is even necessary, and for that idea to no longer be a philosophical or political conversation, but to have a face and a voice and a story and a file folder in front of me - it changed me.  I can't un-know that.  Anyway, go read it.  Beautiful.

When you're finished, read Joshilyn's post on marriage and guns.  Her point is spot on.  Marriage isn't hard, if you marry someone who is on your team.  LIFE is hard.  Life is hard, Joshilyn says, and there are no survivors.  Amen to that.  Anyway, it's a great post.  As usual, she throws together poignancy and humor, and five hundred words later you are so so glad that Faster than Kudzu is in your reader.

And finally - my computer is really dead, obliterated by a little boy in this house.  I will gladly sacrifice my body, my mind, my half-full cup of iced tea, my last bite, my predawn hours, any hope of a shower in the mornings, my career, and twenty or so years of my life for my children.  But my computer?  Really?

Happy Monday friends.

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