Monday, June 04, 2012

thoughts while spending a Sunday afternoon in my pajamas watching back to back episodes of Hoarders

1.  Who FILMS this show?  And WHY?  This is not entertainment; it is nothing but morbid curiosity.  WHY DOES THIS SHOW EXIST?

2.  And these people are all so ... sad, and hurt, and broken.  TLC is making their money off of sad stories, and lonely people, and misplaced security.  It is almost too depressing to watch.

3.  Almost.

4.  But dude, my house is so clean.

5.  Seriously, we have to get the boxes of the dining room and back into the attic STAT.

6.  They spend forty minutes showing how bad it is, a single segment with a therapist, and then fast forward a month to the "success" story.  But doesn't the real story lie in the month they are skipping?  Shouldn't they focus more on the healing, and less on the illness?  Wouldn't that be the better show?

7.  I can't believe I'm still supporting such egregious disregard for human dignity.  In order for these poor people to receive the help they need, they are being exploited on national television.  It's true that they volunteered for the show.  Still, is it really necessary to capitalize on just how bad their homes are?  What is the purpose of that?

8.  TLC should be ashamed of themselves.

9.  Oh good - another episode is coming on.

10.  What is WRONG with me?!

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