Sunday, May 13, 2012


Here is the truth about third babies.  They just have more freedom than previous toddlers ever did. I knew every move baby Asher ever made.  I knew what room he was in at all times, and what he was doing there.  Even with Silas - if I had to step away from him, he sat in his high chair watching Dora and holding his beloved sippy cup.  I may not have followed him around, but I always knew what he was doing.

Emmy girl?  Has a little too much freedom.

I never once had to fish my toothbrush out of the toilet with the other two because they didn't have access to step stools in bathrooms, unless I was standing with them, washing their hands.  The cement steps that cause me to hold my breath every time she perches on the edge?  They were never, ever on those steps without me.  The other day Emmy accompanied Silas and me to a party at a roller rink.  I looked up and saw my sweet girl standing INSIDE a ski ball game.  Have mercy.

It's not that she's "bad" or "good", it's just that I was doing something else.   And our family is making the adjustment to "active screaming toddler" and "mama is pregnant" at the same time.  Which, really, is its own post.  I mostly wanted to tell the wide world that my little Emmy is not out of control, nor is she "bad" - she's just ... roaming.

Happy Mother's Day, all.


Carrie said...

it's ironic that the very traits we hope our children have as bigger kids, teens and adults, we feel like we have to apologize for in toddlerhood. roam on emmy!!! wide world, go about your business. =)

Kendra said...

Love it. Can't wait to hear about number 4's adventures!

Ps - so does this make for another Dec birthday in your family?

Missy at Its Almost Naptime said...

Maggie's my third.

Nuff said.

Mrs. Shehane said...

You say it so well, Steph. They are all precious -- I love the handprint flower painting they gave me for mother's day -- and the pic of "the boys."

I think lil Emmy is a lot like her mama. She is going to be heard, y'all, so listen!