Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Hey. I have a website for you.

You need to read it. Even though it's sad. And sometimes graphic.

Well, maybe not every single one of you. Some of you probably need to avoid this website at all costs. But a lot of you? Need this website. Here's why.

I talked to a friend who lives far away today, whose life is a wreck.

There are people around her who love her, who genuinely want good things for her. But I'm not sure their help is helping.

The problem? They haven't read this website.

It's like she's walking around, complaining of a splitting headache and blurry vision. They're asking questions like, did you get enough sleep last night? Are you allergic to something in the air? And they are missing the bullet in her brain.

No, seriously. It really is that dramatic.

So, go. Educate yourself. In case you too have a friend with a bullet in her brain. Or in case you have a bullet in your own brain. You need to know it when you see it.

Read more here.


Mrs. Shehane said...

I don't understand -- I didn't find the website, only a thing about violence. - Mama

Kendra said...

Were you trying to link to a specific post on that page?

Stephanie said...

I intentionally linked to the About page, rather than to a specific link. The website in general is helpful in understanding how people end up (and stay) in harmful situations. The About page also has general information and statistics about domestic abuse.