Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A lot has happened since my last post, including, but not limited to ...

- Geoff and Monkey (Asher's sleeping blankets, and most sacred possessions) got lost at the park. Weeping and gnashing of teeth ensued. Monkey was replaced, but not Geoff, but then Monkey was lost again four hours later (a story for another time). Finally, Friday morning I found a children's boutique that sold both Geoff and Monkey, and the world righted itself once again. In the meantime, I learned a little about grace. It's easy to be compassionate the first time around; it's a little harder when kindness costs something. Life lessons, for him and for me.

- I had a thoroughly taxing conversation over the weekend. It is wholly unbloggable, but significant to my state of mind.

- Adrienne Rich died today. Did you guys hear? She was (is) my favorite poet. If you are so inclined, google "In the Wake of Home." So good.

- A cold ran through our house, leading to another ear infection for Emmy. This is her seventh round of antibiotics since October. The pediatrician (not ours - today was her day off, but luckily I really like the on-call doctor) said it was time to think about tubes. I couldn't agree more. So. Emmy and I will be off to the ENT soon.

- But not before Emmy meets an orthopedist. Because (drum roll please) we have our first broken bone in the family. Little Emmy fell in the sun room this morning and broke her wrist. I wish I had a great story to tell here, but I don't. She just ... fell. Babies fall all day every day, and I would have never considered this particular fall especially bad, except the way she cried afterward. She wailed for over an hour, and her arm just looked kind of ... odd. When she fell asleep on my shoulder while I was making lunch, I knew. I was right. Two doctors' appointments and an x-ray later, it was confirmed. Emmy has a broken wrist.

For the record? I find it ironic that it is Emmy who breaks the first bone in this house. Her brothers routinely attempt to fly like Superman and jump as big as the Hulk and clobber each other and generally push the constraints of physics, and it's Emmy who breaks her wrist? Really?

All of that to say, I am tired, friends. Tired in my bones and mind and heart. Ready to climb into bed and wake up when it's over kind of tired. But life doesn't really work that way. And there's been some fun, too. A trip to a cupcake shop with the boys (seriously kids get SO excited about the smallest things. I love it), new books from the library. I signed up for a 5k so that I will stop talking about running and actually do it. Good things are brewing.

So onward and upward, right? Tomorrow, anyway. Tonight, I'm going to lie very still and watch tv for a while. Because friends, it's been a long ten days.

Happy Wednesday.

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Heather Truett said...

I have been thinking of you this week.