Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I went west this weekend, and ended up on the coast of California (which, you may have guessed, is a HAUL from the Very Deep South).

It was beautiful, of course. Cliffs and purple shells and surfers and fog and so very different from beaches in the Gulf. A perfect little vacation town perched in the hills that just drops off into the water. So so pretty.

I flew across the country for the first time, and got to see where Laurie lives and works for the first time (which is close, but not in southern California, though if wishing made it so). We ate fancy food and poked around town and talked and watched for dolphins at sunset. It was fabulous.

Best of all, I was there for Laurie and Diana's wedding (though I didn't take a single picture of the ceremony. How did that happen?). Overlooking the water, uncomplicated and sweet. It was perfect.

Here they are, not at the wedding, obviously, but grinning all the same:

And this is Laurie and me, right after the ceremony.

Such a fun, relaxed weekend. Beautiful in every way.

Happy Tuesday.

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