Friday, February 24, 2012

here it is - the ONE piece of parenting advice i can give confidently.

If Emmy sees a picture of a pig she says, "la la la." Thank you Sandra Boynton.

Also, I am really not equipped to give parenting advice in most areas. So much depends on the kid, and the parent, and five years in the one thing I know for sure is that there is very very little I know for sure. But this! This is a little hard-earned gem, and some night in the next couple of years you are going to thank me for it.

Sometimes a toddler wakes up at an odd time of the night and just WON'T - because of teething or diaper rashes or sleep-deprivation or whatever - settle back down to sleep. We always try to give Tylenol or change the diaper and then QUICKLY get the baby back in bed, before he (or, lately, she) has the chance to wake up and realize now is as good a time as any to begin our day. But sometimes it just can't happen, and I have looked at those wily over-tired eyes many times and realized it's going to be hours before I get to go back to bed.

Except, there's a solution.

Let him get down. Let him play on the floor for a few minutes (maybe 10? No more than 15, probably), then start your bedtime routine over again. Brush teeth, drink milk, read stories - whatever you usually do. Then put them to bed the usual way, just as if it were bedtime.

It totally works.

You're welcome.

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