Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Want to know something else my sweet friend Mikkee is really good at? Being hopeful. Mikkee is very very good at being excited about a possibility, while fully recognizing that it might not come to fruition. She is willing to take the risk of being disappointed. It's not naivete, or childishness. She simply possesses an uncanny ability to hope.

Me? I STINK at this.

In fact, ask anyone close to me, and they will tell you that I am a notorious bubble-burster. If Brian comes home excited about an idea, I automatically see how it might not come together and start listing the potential obstacles. If I've ever been disappointed by something, I am probably never going to fully throw myself into it again (which explains why the first trimester of pregnancy is so miserable for me. And no, I'm not pregnant). I tend to be either up to my neck in a thing, or totally guarded with it. Cautious, instead of optimistic.

I want to stop doing that.

I want to enjoy possibilities, and not allow the potential for a negative outcome dictate my experience. I want to be able to take the risk of being wrong, or disappointed, or looking foolish, and to hope more fully.

I want to be more like Mikkee.

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Heather Truett said...

In this instance, I am Brian and you are Corey. I love ideas. I love big dreams. I like to play with them, even if they never happen... even if there is no way they ever COULD happen. Corey is all about some logic and other such nonsense. ;)