Friday, August 26, 2011

First, Asher chose a ring out of the treasure box at school today so that he could give it to me, and we could pretend we were married. Be still my heart.

Second, preschool is throwing a wrench in our routine. As in, the basic flow of our day that has existed for the past three years no longer applies. I'm trying to figure out a new routine, which involves equal parts algebra, flexibility, grace, and mad warden skills. It's every bit as fun as it sounds.

Third, Silas went from basically potty trained to basically UN-potty trained in the past month. I've even put pull-ups back on him because if you no longer care if you ever go to the potty - nay, if you weren't even trying to make it to the potty - can you still label that an accident? Wouldn't a more accurate description be that your parents are just living in denial, and putting underwear on you as part of some fantasy that you're not going to use them as a diaper? I would just throw my hands up at the whole thing, except that he has to be potty trained to go to school, so three days a week he has to wear underwear. So. If you have some fantastic "here's how I potty trained my strong-willed boy" story, I'm interested in it. But if you only have the, "Gosh, my kid just wasn't that hard to teach, he just sort of did it" stories (which was definitely my previous experience in this area) then keep it to yourself.

Happy Friday, friends.

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Mishka said...

My quiet middle child is strong willed, when I tell him he can't do something it makes him want to do it all the more. Good Luck.