Tuesday, June 07, 2011

true fact

I just nursed a baby to sleep
sitting on a toddler stool
beside a potty
watching David and Goliath on the laptop (that was perched on the counter)
handing out occasional circus peanuts for staying put
hoping beyond hope to hear a sturdy splash.
Meanwhile, the remaining child
skated down the hallway in his father's dress socks
and rearranged the floor lamps.

I couldn't make it up.
I need a circus peanut of my own.

Good night.


Carrie B. said...

LOVE this. sounds about right and like a NORMAL scene from my house. and these are the very scenes the little old ladies stop in the grocery store to tell me to enjoy because it goes too fast and they miss these days. the way you write it makes me feel that way...like I LOVE this time and I just don't know that I do. =)

Kendra said...


You deserve more than a circus peanut.