Tuesday, April 19, 2011

meanwhile, back at the ranch ...

While I have been finding my stride (or trying to, anyway), my kids have had projects of their own.

Emmy has been busy filling out. Look at this sweet face.

Nursing bring such a different dynamic into caring for a tiny baby. It is ridiculous how proud I am of those little round cheeks.

And Silas has been very intent on growing up. He insists he doesn't need an afternoon nap, but I remain unconvinced. See this? This was 6 pm last night, BEFORE we ate dinner. Are you SURE you want to fight so hard against that nap, buddy?

And here is Asher, showing off the puzzle he just finished. Puzzles are his new favorite way to spend the afternoon.

What about you? What have you been working on?


Kendra said...

I remember when Abbey - my teeny baby in the 5% on the growth charts her whole life thus far - finally got a double chin at about 4 months. I was thrilled. I took pictures. I pointed it out to EVERYONE.
I beamed with pride.

Lisa said...

We have the nap problem, and it goes in cycles. Some days, she's fine. Other days, she sacks out on the couch in the middle of the afternoon. Such a weird time.