Tuesday, March 08, 2011

So much of life is not bloggable. I lost a good friend this week. Another good friend is in trouble. Another friend's mom is sick, and getting sicker. These are the things weighing on my mind.

But they aren't bloggable. So instead I will tell you how little Emmy has gone on a bottle strike that began when I got sick a few weeks ago, and it's totally throwing me for a loop. I started work last week, remember? Which means twice a week I leave my baby to cry in hunger for a few hours while I go save the world. Yeah, it feels exactly like it sounds. I'm trying to warm her up to the idea, but everything I read says that she's more likely to take a bottle from someone else than from me. This afternoon, after she had refused to eat/ cried/ played (rinse and repeat) for two hours, I tried once more to offer her a bottle. She cried, of course, and when the bottle blew up all over both of us (you didn't know that could happen, did you? I didn't either. And I'm not exactly a novice with a bottle, you know?) and I'm sitting in a chair, covered in milk, with a hungry baby in my lap and my body telling me it was time to feed my baby - in that moment I knew exactly why babies take bottles better from someone else than their mom. Because you know I totally caved and just nursed the baby, already.

So. Any tips on a bottle strike? Or, at least, how to handle the guilt/frustration that accompanies one? It's not all that's going on in life - really, it's just a small thing - but of the half-dozen things weighing on my mind, this is the one I can tell you guys.

At the very least, I'm going to need a more durable bottle.

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Kim said...

I had the same problem with Ayley, she just wouldn't take a bottle. It got a little easier when she started solids, at least then I knew she wasn't going to starve everytime I left her.