Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Guess who found her smile.

Also -

Okay, fine. Some of you have said this to me in passing, and now I am ready to admit that I agree with you. Having a baby girl is a lot like having the best baby doll ever. The ten-year-old me would eat this UP, friends. She is just so CUTE. And unlike their masculine counterparts, baby girls come with accessories - dresses and cardigans (!) and stockings and nightgowns ... I can't help myself.


Mrs. Shehane said...

She is SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!! I thought I sensed a smile the other night --

How did she do her on Mom's first day back at work? --Marmee

Kendra said...

I love that smile =) And I totally agree!! My husband, bless his heart, is a minimalist to the core. He just can not believe the amount of bows I own for our daughter (which is SIX, seriously nothing compared to some moms out there!)but I love them. And I love dressing her up. More Sunday's than not, she looks totally adorable and in style from head to toe, and I am in my "in between" (HA!) jeans and a sweater with snot on the sleeve, and my hair in a wet ponytail =)

stephanie said...

Glad to hear you admit it :)

Lisa said...

It's true. For all the fun little boys are, their clothes are truly boring. There are so many options for baby girls. Bows! Clips! Headbands! Frilly socks! Cute matching hats! Patterned tights! Ruffle britches! So fun!