Sunday, January 09, 2011

on facebook and neighbors

True story.

We have these across the street neighbors, right? They're a little younger than us, keep to themselves. He's a musician, I don't know what she does. They have a little dog that they walk, together, at the same time every day. My dog barks at the piano students as they are dropped off in the afternoons, and he barks again, half an hour later, when their parents pick them up. They have a very sensitive alarm system that once summoned the fire department over burnt toast (My kids didn't complain, of course). That's it, that's all I've got. We wave to one another and live as most neighbors do, by keeping to ourselves.

Last week our across the street neighbor sent Brian a Facebook friend request. It took him a minute for the name to register, but once it did, he accepted, of course.

And learned that our across the street neighbor is a member of Street Corner Symphony, who was the runner-up in the Sing Off a couple of weeks ago.

I'm not wowed by the fact that there's a celebrity (of sorts) among us. I"m really excited for him, because as the wife of a musician I know what it means for musicians to get to do what they love. Apparently he's going on tour with Ben Folds in a few weeks, and that's just ... cool.

But as Brian and I watched video clips (to see who Street Corner Symphony was, because you know we watch television like we're sixty years old. We just got Netflix last week, and started Season 1 of Lost this weekend), as we watched clips of the guy across the street who, it turns out, is a really talented musician, I kept thinking - we have known these people for years! And we knew nothing about this while it was happening?! We would have never known anything at all, if it wasn't for Facebook. Not face-to-face interaction with our actual real-life neighbors. Facebook.

We live in a weird, weird world.


Madame Rubies said...

Oh, I loved them. I watched a few episodes when I was in SC, because my mom and stepdad love that show. And two fo the guys in SCS are from SC, so they were really being hyped up while I was there.

I don't think my neighbors are famous. Though, one of them could BE the Costanza father from Seinfield.

Cindy said...

Enjoy Lost! We rented a Season 1 DVD once just to see what all the fuss was about and became hooked. By far some of the best tv writing in that series. Once you've caught up, if you like reading about it, I really like the commentary written by Doc Jensen at Entertainment Weekly and Erika at I would NOT visit either site before you reach the end, for fear of spoilers since you'd have to navigate the archives, but Erika's blog was awesome for not giving spoiler info before each episode, but still illuminating and connecting episodes and literary references.

Nick M. said...

Tthat is pretty freakin' cool. I also know some of those guys are from Selma (I don't actually know them). They were great.

Jamie said...

Yes, Facebook.
But my first thought was, lesson in humility.