Friday, January 28, 2011

it was going to be 7, but i ran out of time.

1. When I had Silas, the parenting ideal that I sacrificed was over television. Our occasional tv show life went the way of all flesh, and we embraced the blessing of Noggin in order to be able to keep two children under two years old alive and safe. With Emmy's birth, the ideal that has been sacrificed has been one of food. Fast food used to be a very rare - think once a quarter - treat. Now it's closer to a once a week necessity. Brian can't eat fast food, and most of it is gross to me, so as a family we rarely eat it. But when it's lunch time, all three children are hungry, and I am in the car anyway, and I can either go home and watch Silas jump off the chairs while Asher yells at him not to and Emmy screams for the fifteen minutes it would take me to make sandwiches and pour cups, or I could go through a drive-thru and for 4.99 avoid the whole scene - for those moments, fast food is pretty useful.

2. Have I told you Emmy sleeps through the night? She came home from the hospital sleeping through the night.

Please don't hate me.

But let me say that part of the reason she sleeps through the night is that she sleeps on me. When she was brand new, it was necessary - I couldn't get up and down on my own, and it seemed ridiculous to wake Brian up so that he could help me sit up so that I could go nurse, so she just slept on my chest and it worked for all of us. But now it has definitely become A Habit, one that I'm mostly ready to give up. Emmy, not so much. She naps on her own during the day, but at night she's pretty insistent on being with me. I've started putting her down and letting her try, at least, but I have a feeling this may take a while.

We're not a co-sleeping kind of family, so I'm not going to let her do this indefinitely. But honestly? Part of me loves it. I feel like the days are mostly devoted to the boys, with me pausing occasionally to feed her. But at night she has my undivided attention, at least for a little while. I'm a little sad to let that go.

I guess 3-7 will have to wait. My time is up.

Happy Friday, friends.

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Mrs. Shehane said...

Say it's not so! .... I'm glad you got an early start -- before your boys thought they COULDN't EAT chicken nuggets! ...I'll try to cook something ahead for y'all. I do wish you had a freezer. When you and Allison were little, we often cooked meat once a week and froze it. That was when we were organized. Very often, well, there were the chicken nuggets, you know.

B- Enjoy your time with Emmy. Who knows? In very litle time, she'll be running to keep up with Asher and Silas, so a little time with Mama should be treasured.

Glad you're doing so well.