Sunday, November 21, 2010

Okay, seriously. I'm watching "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant" and I'm just not buying it. Not knowing you're early pregnant? I get that. I've had two friends who found out the sex of their baby on the same day they found out they were pregnant (doesn't that make you need to breathe in a paper bag on their behalf?) I can see how that happens. But how do you not know you're eight months pregnant!? Don't you feel the baby kicking every now and then and wonder what is poking at your ribs?


Valerie said...

I don't know if we've had this conversation before, but although I think babies are very nice, that show TERRIFIES me.

Um, you can NOT KNOW that you're pregnant?! And then you just HAVE a baby with no preparation AT ALL?

Scarier than any Fear Factor-style reality show I've ever seen.

Stephanie said...

Valerie, that is hysterical. I find it HIGHLY unlikely that you would not know you're pregnant. I think you'd pretty much have to plug your ears and sing "la la la la la la la" at your body for 9 months for that to happen.

The Bean said...

I've watched that show a few times myself and still don't buy it.