Tuesday, November 23, 2010

michelle duggar, i am not.

I totally get how people raise a brood, and why. Lord willing, I may even have the opportunity to do the same, in time.

But BIRTHING lots of babies? Not for the weak of heart, friends.

I have had the easiest pregnancy of all of mine, and thanks be to God. Because even an easy pregnancy, on top of everything else that happens in my daily life, is getting the better of me right now.

Case in point: last week I cried. Every night, all week. And I'm not a crier.

Today? I really just need to be on the couch with my feet up watching Food Network, but that's not going to happen. Or it will, but the result will be a. one very irritable little boy who spends the afternoon acting out in order to gain my attention (anyone know what to do about a kid who has forgotten how to play on his own? He used to be so good at it, until his brother got old enough to play with him. Now he wants constant companionship, and I just can't be cruise director all the time right now. Any insight? Suggestions?) and b. one hungry family with nothing to devour but one another this evening. Don't get me wrong, Brian will cook, but there has to be something TO cook in order for that to be possible. He's a pretty talented guy, but he can't fabricate protein.

This is me, offering it up, thankful for the fullness of my life, and remembering with fondness the days of simultaneous naps.

Happy Tuesday, all.

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Kendra said...

Michelle Duggar, these days I get. When you have several older children - especially domestic daughters- to help with the cooking and the cleaning and the keeping track of children, it seems more doable. Add to it their "buddy system", and I bet even Michelle Duggar gets a nap when pregnant every once in awhile =). It's Michelle Duggar in the early years that AMAZES me. In those many, many years when she had many, many children, but none of them old enough to help yet.

Lord have mercy.