Saturday, November 13, 2010

I spent the afternoon sorting and putting away a thousand infinitesimal pink things. So. Strange.

Also? I would like to publicly say, Laura, when you called in August and said, "Hey, I have a bin of baby clothes for you," I had NO IDEA just what you were giving me. Holy CATS that's a lot of clothes, and all of them look new. Between Laura's bin, and four trash bags full of things given by other friends, I can see why they all look so new - there's no WAY Emmy will ever get around to all of them. Thank you all so much for your generosity. I am pretty sure I can dress her for the next two years without buying a thing.

Also, my mother-in-law organized the boys' closet. AND folded 3/4 of those thousand infinitesimal pink things, and put them in drawers way way neater than I ever would have.

Thanks, guys.

Those of you who have baby girls will not be at all surprised when I say I have THREE PAIR of crocheted booties (which puzzles me - if it's cold enough to need booties, it's going to be too cold to wear something I can poke a pinky through), and - wait for it - one washcloth.


Zero towels. Three burp cloths (thank you again, Laura, or I would have zero of those, too). But don't worry - her little diaper will be very well covered by any number of little ruffled - what are those things called? Bloomers, I think?

I was folding clothes a little while ago, and Asher's favorite monster truck t-shirt was parked neatly beside a pair of tiny stockings, and I couldn't help but think, is this really happening? A little girl? Here?

How do you get stockings on a baby, anyway?

PS - A few minutes ago, Brian and I were talking about our day. I said, "I went to the grocery store, finished combining bedrooms, washed all of Emmy's clothes, and took care of the kids." Brian laughed and said, "I watched a football game and vacuumed the ceiling fans. Between the two of us we did a lot today."

True story.


Anonymous said...

well, then, you're in luck.... I have plenty of towels to give you and TONS of burp clothes!!! As long as you don't mind that they're plain and not too girly :)

p.s. they're called diaper covers :) heehee


Jenia said...

Well, I guess I won't be sending you a pair of my famous baby booties with Brian then :)) I don't know what kind you got, but the kind I make are just worn instead of socks - and my pinkie won't go through...
How about a hat though?

Susan Shehane said...

After reading both blogs, may I add two things?
1. Give Silas the pink elephant blanket. He's stll the baby, you know.
2. I bought Emmy an ORANGE AND BLUE diaper back today -- true, it comes complete with ruffles -- but I didn't buy pink.
3. In the old days, when you were born, before ultra-sound could tell us what we were having -- everything was yellow. So take your pick.
4. Enjoy pink. Enjoy ruffles. Enjoy girl. Welcome Emmy!

Lisa said...

We call those "ruffle butts". It's one of the many perks of having a girl. And yeah...hand-me-downs ROCK. We just rounded out year three and still haven't had cause to buy her anything except the occasional souvenir shirt (and that's just for frivolity's sake). In fact, I just took back a few clothes that Olivia got for her birthday and exchanged them for a winter coat. This kid needs more clothes like she needs a hole in the head. Seriously. She could wear a different outfit every day for three weeks and still have clean clothes in her closet. But she's still wearing last year's coat. It seems that people just tend to buy (or receive) more clothes when they have a girl than a boy. There's more variety. So enjoy the variety and cute pink clothes!

Laura Mielke said...

no thanks needed! I am so glad that you can use my girls' stuff! and there will be more to come! but ill wait till you give me the go ahead to bring another load. cant wait to meet her :)