Monday, October 25, 2010

this and that

1. In about six weeks, Asher will be four years old. Which means I've been a mother for almost four years. Normally when I spend four years working this hard on something, I get a degree at the end of it.

But we're just getting started.

2. The dirt pit is finished - our kids now have their own area to build a construction site (or dump site) in the back yard. Brian's work looks really nice - it opens up the yard, and clears out the clutter. I never think of outdoor spaces as being cluttered, but ours was, until last week. Yay for Brian. And yay for my kids, for having a place to dig unabashedly.

3. It's raining this morning! We've had such weird weather. It's still in the mid-80's here, and after an exceptionally wet spring, we've had an exceptionally dry summer and fall. Please, please, send us rain and cooler temperatures.


4. To me, the most irritating part of being pregnant is the fact that I have to get dressed every day. I can handle the fatigue and weight gain and discomfort, if only clothes would just FIT already. All of my early-pregnancy clothes are too small, and all of my big-pregnant clothes are hand-me-downs from a very sweet friend from church who had a baby last winter. Which means, they are all sweaters and long-sleeved shirts. Only it's almost November and still in the mid-80's! I'm down to two shirts and one pair of jeans, and if I didn't have to get dressed for work I think I would be okay. But I believe this week I'm going to have to suck it up and just buy some more short-sleeved work/church clothes. I really hate to do it, but since we're stuck in an interminable summer, I don't see that I have a choice.

5. Tomorrow is the big day - after tomorrow, Silas will be a tonsil-free toddler. My mom asked me if he knows what's going on, and I think he does, as much as any two-year-old understands that a new thing is going to happen, which isn't very much. He pretends to take the tonsils out of his toys by poking at their mouths with a toy screwdriver. That counts, right? I'm relieved - and surprised - that he actually stayed well. And I'm looking forward to having all of this behind us.

6. Mikkee will be here this weekend. Since Asher was born Mikkee has seen our family every two or three months, but this time it has been since June (well, she saw the kids in July, while we were on vacation, but I didn't really see her then). We are all really excited about her visit.

Happy Monday.


Kendra said...

#1 made me laugh so hard. I was just telling David this morning (at 4:12am when our kids were both WIDE awake) that any other job I would SO call in sick, and then take the day in bed to catch up on sleep. Calling in sick to SAHM, means exactly the same thing as just staying home with them like any other Monday, only this particular Monday I am more tired than usual and have a sore throat.

You are welcome to some of our Oregon rain. I am not a fan.

Will be praying for Silas' surgery. Is he staying there overnight?

Stephanie said...

Kendra, he is staying overnight. They keep all kids under three who have surgery, which is fine by me.

Susan Shehane said...

I went to Ross today. THEY DO HAVE MATERNITY CLOTHES. We stopped in Alabaster. I'll have them for you Tuesday.

Love to that baby, he's going to be fine. I'll see you Tuesday. And I'll be working on that MOTHERHOOD DEGREE for you, too..... The good thing about it is that you wan't have to take written exams. You've already passed the test with flying colors. - mmamamama