Tuesday, October 26, 2010

all is well.

Unlimited juice, iced tea, popsicles, and movies ... Silas isn't complaining.

Updated with highlights from the hospital room:

Highlight #1 - Earlier tonight Brian was walking with Silas, who was barreling down the hallways, singing. From the nurses station, I overheard one nurse say, "That little boy just had his tonsils out." To which another replied, "It doesn't sound like he's missing them."

Highlight #2 - Once again I am reminded of the JOYS AND BENEFITS of a routine. You might be asking yourself, how exactly do you get a toddler to sleep in a hospital? Well, friends, I'll tell you - bring his sound machine and blanket from home, and go through his routine. We did what we do every night, then told him, "Night-night Silas." "You going to sleep in here too?" He asked. "Yes, it's a camp-out," Brian said. "Okay. Good night," Silas said, then rolled over and promptly WENT TO SLEEP. Thank you LORD for bedtime routines.

Highlight #3 - I couldn't eat my dinner tonight, because Silas was hungry too. Every time I opened the tray, he would say, "Check my tray Mama! I want some big boy chicken too!" Alas. How ya gonna eat big boy chicken in front of a hungry boy who can't have any? So I just had a vending machine dinner at 9:15 p.m. Then I promptly sent Brian out to pick up antacids. You know you're pregnant when ...


Jamie said...

So glad to hear (and see).
Continued prayers for you all.
Let me know if you need anything.

Susan Shehane said...

sweet baby..let me know if you need anything, steph-mamamama

Ella said...

hooray for brave little silas!! and babies in hospital gowns are just too precious...especially well ones! :)

Lisa said...

Poor guy. Sounds like he's pretty tough, though.