Saturday, October 09, 2010

sometimes the best thing to do is just get back on the horse.


Want to hear about our life lately?

I have said before that my favorite thing EVER is to witness a baby learning to talk, and to finally hear what's really on his little mind. Silas is no exception. I love love love listening to him. Lately there's been quite an obsession with all things Toy Story in our home, and I often hear Silas acting out scenes from his bed as he tries (in vain, thank you Lord) to skip his nap - "You! Are! A! TOY!" or "To infinity - and beyond!" Cracks me up.

Another Silas story - a few weeks ago I had an OB check-up scheduled. When I told Silas he was going to Grandma's because I was going to see the doctor, Silas said, "Do you have strep throat Mama?" "No baby," I said. "I'm going to check on Emmy." He thought for a minute, then said, "Does Emmy have strep throat, Mama?"

Poor kid. He's had strep throat 5? 6? times since Easter. Yes, we are getting rid of it in between, we've checked. No, we don't know how/where he's picking it up so often. One doctor told me to look for a carrier. Another doctor told me not to bother. Either way, everyone agrees he'll be less likely to get sick as often if we take out his tonsils, which will happen this Friday. It's the most common surgery in childhood, and really should be no big deal. But that doesn't keep me from worrying about it, of course. We will spend Friday night in the hospital. I know a lot of people would prefer to come home and avoid a hospital stay, but I personally am glad for it. When you need a nurse at 2 a.m., there's no better place to be. Plus, we aren't getting any sleep that night either way.

In other news, Emmy is growing. And growing, and growing. I'm 27 weeks today. Remarkably, I have not been anxious at all during this pregnancy. Through work, I frequently meet babies who were born younger than Emmy is RIGHT NOW, and I still haven't been worried about her. I can't explain it really - considering I spent my entire pregnancy with Silas convinced something was going to happen to him, I don't know why I've been so at peace this go-round. Except that maybe Emmanuel has been aptly named.

All that I really have to say about being pregnant is that I'm craving sugar all the time. I am not watching my weight - well, I'm watching it climb - but I am trying to remember that I do have to lose this weight in a few months. My goal is for the number of times I choose bananas or yogurt to outweigh the number of times I choose Lucky Charms or ice cream. I would like to think that will matter later.


We've also been enjoying college football this year. If you aren't from the Deep South, you may not know that football is a religion here (ever seen Friday Night Lights?), but Brian and I are only nominal believers. This year we've enjoyed watching games together on Saturday evenings, though I think I may be the only mother in the Deep South who hopes her sons do NOT excel in football. I've put a lot of energy into nourishing their little bones. I'd rather not see them crushed on national television one day.

Last thing -

Today Asher and I were in the car when he announced, "I'm pretending to be a girl." "Okay," I said, "but what do girls do that boys don't do?" I assumed he would say something about pregnancy, since that is such a normal part of our conversation right now. Instead he said, "They have make-overs."

Fair enough, son. Generally speaking, boys do not usually have make-overs.

Good night.


Jessica C. said...

Those boys crack me up! I love them!

Kendra said...

Eat the ice cream.

And enjoy it.

LOVE the Silas stories. Can't wait to hear what my little ones' are thinkin' =)

The Branches said...

I can't wait for my baby to start talking, right now he is just jibber jabbering but it is going to be so funny to hear it all come out some day as you have written! I laugh so much even when I am mad...he's going to get by with everything! Enjoy every last minute of this pregnancy, ice cream and all one day you'll look back fondly at this time. And remember God is always in control :)

Mrs. Shehane said...

Three things, as you say: Enjoying Silas's discovery of THE WORLD AND THOSE THINGS IN IT is an absolute gift. Thank you for sharing, as you do so well, the daily discoveries. TO INFINITY AND BEYOND.

Second, the peace Emmie's already bringing: I think that when you experienced the pregnancy after Silas without complications, you and your body knew that the toughest parts of fearing loss were now behind you. And so God has granted you peace in the form of Emmie. She shall be smocked and pink. And baptized in flowing gowns.

Third: I don't remember three. Oh, how could I forget -- ASHER! The makeover! How funny. It would be funny to hear what Asher thought of his short time being a girl. Was he ready to go back!??

Fourth, please ask your friends to pray for me as I seek refuge and peace in God's healing. This week has been a test of faith, and I have realized that I have to hand over the small details of my life in order to find relief from pain, patience, faith -- it's not easy. I have realized that faith is more than a belief. It's an active verb (no, it's a noun -- but it's a verb).

One of the hardest things about all of this is that I can't be there for you and Silas and family this week. I pray for the little fellow that he will find healing and popsicles.

I pray that you are able to rest in the hospital. You must keep us posted, wherever we are. Pray that I am in surgery or over it by then. Love you -- Mamamamamamama

PS I'll have to tell you the hospital stories from When You Were Two. You couldn't eat, but you didn't want any food removed from the room. So we had to save it (at least pretend) so that you wouldn't scream (ok, we gave in a lot to a sick two year old; you do that). "SAVE IT," you screamed. "SAVE IT FOR A BIRD."

Ma Lee always saved food for her dogs and birds.

Love you

Madame Rubies said...

Plenty of boys could benefit from a really good makeover. So, I am with your kid. Makeovers rock.