Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Well, I am fully immersed in Season 4 of Friday Night Lights. I watched the episode where Matt's dad died last night. WEPT, friends. And like some of you have already said, I too was impressed with how true to life it was - the awkwardness and anger and absurdity of it. So good.

In general I haven't said much here lately, because I've been about as focused and useful as a pickle on a pork chop. I can find plenty of things to blame - changing routines, growing a new life, you know, the usual - but whatever the reason, I just haven't had much umph lately. Sadly. Does anybody else remember the 80/20 principle? The idea is that you get 80% of your work done in 20% of the time. The other 80% is just ... flubbed. Yeah, I'm hanging out in the 80% right now.

At least I have Friday Night Lights to entertain me.


Michelle said...

I too love that show and cried like a baby during that episode last season!!

Jenia said...

You are getting me curious about the show!
And, we are excited about coming up this weekend - thanks for having us!
We can't find your phone number though... Could you please send it to me?