Saturday, September 04, 2010

Our house is settling.

It's apparent everywhere - in the back door that is nearly impossible to unlock, the sun room door that's nearly impossible to fully close. There are lumps forming in the brick porch and the foyer. Settling is a part of life in our neighborhood. The homes are old and sturdy, but because of their age and the soil underneath them, they often form new cracks. They're almost a joke - people often refer to discovering a new line down one wall in the autumn, only to see it close back up the next spring.

Google informs me that settling is simply a house adjusting to changes in its environment. Changes in the moisture in the soil cause creaks and lumps to form. But as long as the foundation is good, there's no cause for real concern. This catches my attention because that's how I would describe our family life in general right now - shifting into changing environments. We've taken on new responsibilities and new schedules in the past few months. We're adjusting, but not without a few creaks and lumps.

But one thing about this house is that it's reliable. Its foundation is secure. It was built well, long ago, and has shifted many times in the past. There's no serious damage, no risk of implosion. It's simply adjusting.

So are we.

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