Sunday, July 04, 2010

the most important things never get published on blogger

Because I have a public blog.
That is linked to Facebook.
And it's not always mine to tell.
But we still witness, right?

So this weekend was full of grace
new friends
and snitches of time with old ones, to look at newborn fuzzy heads and finish a thought as our kids hugged Tinkerbell's legs.

But also of questions I can't answer
and just sitting with
baking a cake, not going to bed
seeing the pictures and the injustice.
It's not enough, not nearly enough, but nothing would be enough,
And sometimes seeing and knowing is all I know to do.

That's how my weekend was.


buf said...

yeah. and public blogs, yeah.

seeing and knowing is as far as we can reach sometimes.
thanks for reading me, by the way, and writing thoughts to be read, as well. xo stog

buf said...


Laura Mielke said...

I hope you are well...