Friday, July 02, 2010

7, because it's friday

1. Two pictures of Asher from the past week that so perfectly capture who he is:


2. Silas learned to climb out of his crib today. To this all I have to say is, have mercy.

3. Silas also shows an unusually high comprehension of language (if I do say so myself). He can answer questions about past events, which is a three-year-old skill. He also shows more of an awareness of other people's emotions than most kids his age. While at the beach, I was grunting at the pack-and-play while assembling it (pack-and-plays seem to require a certain amount of mumbling in order to click in place. Must be one of their additional safety features), when Silas walks in and says (in Silaspeak, of course): "Mom, why you frustrated?" To which I replied with a grin, "I'm frustrated with the bed, baby." He watched a moment, then said, "I help you," and he pushed on the metal frame and grunted alongside me. Sweet little boy.

4. Part of a filling fell out of my tooth last night. Randomly, after eating spaghetti. My sweet children - to you I have given my curls, my time, and every possible particle of calcium in my body. My poor teeth.

5. Adrienne is having a baby soon. As in, this weekend. Please say a prayer for her baby boy, for Adrienne's health, and for her little flock at home.

6. Laurie is on her way down for the weekend. I always worry when people without kids stay with us - what if we run them off? What if we wear them out? But either way, I am super excited to see Laurie. Pictures to follow, I'm sure.

7. Again I say, go read this. I keep referring you to Elizabeth Esther because she continues to write posts that catch my attention. About this she is right: There are so many camps who believe they know the truth, to the exclusion of everyone else. I think about it all the time.


Lisa said...

Silas sounds like my little one in the language department. What 2-year-old can easily pull out the word "frustrated" and use it in a sentence? Apparently, yours and mine.

Cindy said...

"There are so many camps who believe they know the truth, to the exclusion of everyone else. I think about it all the time." Me too. It's been the subject of our nightly walks this week.

Thanks for the link - especially loved the last few paragraphs. She has a way with words.

ljkgates said...

Wow, Silas climbed out of his bed! Put a chain on the front door!

buf said...

everyone sort of believes they know the truth - at the exclusion of all other truth - because otherwise you're sort of admitting there is no actual truth. if the truth can be this OR that, then it's possible that it's NEITHER this nor that.