Sunday, May 30, 2010

trouble won't go

I used to work for a preacher who loved to say that marriage doubles our joy and halves our sorrow. I was single at the time, but now I know he's right.

Brian works HARD, ya'll, so hard - and he's driven by two things: 1. to take care of us, and the little ones entrusted to us, and 2. to lead worship through music. It has been fun to be along for the ride, and to see how he has grown both technically and spiritually in his art and calling. Anyway, today our sermon was on Mark 4 and the story of Jesus calming the storm. Brian and some of the college students sang the song below, minus the drunken laughter in the clip, but with every bit of the same soul. And they just .... NAILED it. SO good. The clip below goes on a bit longer than the original song, but you get the idea.



Anonymous said...

It was so perfect! Brian's love for God shows so well through his music and his life. Dad and I were so proud to be there and experience this song.

Rachel said...

LOVED IT! I told Austin and Mara that they should go on tour. and i would be one of their groupies.....Brian is soaring lately. You are right to be so proud of him. we all are!