Monday, April 12, 2010

True Fact Number One: There is a caterpillar crawling on iceberg and grass blades inside a plastic take-and-toss container on my kitchen counter.

True Fact Number Two: Brian would not touch the caterpillar. I did.

True Fact Number Three: Every time you ask Asher what his caterpillar's name is, it changes. One thing that hasn't changed - Asher's complete fascination with the caterpillar (whatever his name may be at the moment) for the last two hours. He has told me repeatedly, "He's my best friend!" And when he hasn't spoken to him for fifteen seconds or so, he'll run back to the kitchen and say, "Caterpillar! You missed me!"

True Fact Number Four: Asher rearranged his furniture today to build a more perfect construction site.

True Fact Number Five: Silas is SO completely enamored with Brian right now. Everything is Daddy's. Daddy's Kitchen. Daddy's Bath. Daddy's Lawnmower. Daddy's Dinner. Seriously. If Daddy is home, Silas couldn't care less what I'm doing.

True Fact Number Six: That doesn't stop him from walking up to me, hugging my leg, then wiping his nose on my jeans periodically.

True Fact Number Seven: I couldn't make this stuff up.

Good night all.

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