Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I've been praying for wisdom. And, true to the nature of God, wisdom keeps seeping in from the oddest places.

Parenting wisdom came from a blog, and the idea of dealing head-on with defiance now. Defiance allows my children to believe that they are their own god, and I do a disservice to them when I allow that lie to grow in their lives. Inherent to the nature of free will is the reality that every decision has a natural, unavoidable consequence. Out of love for them I can't absorb the consequences of their behavior for them. It isn't fair to them to do so.

And I heard wisdom in a quote from Steady Mom - in the value of being present in the moment, regardless of what that moment is. She said that often, where we are now is the realization of a dream we once had. So so true. Five years ago, I could hardly dare to hope that one day I would have two little boys to chase all day. Now it's just my every day life. To be content, remaining thankful and aware, rather than always straining toward the next thing - is wisdom.

I'm thankful for the small ways God has begun to answer my prayer, but it's just a taste of what is to come. Because while there are no guarantees of monetary blessings in the Christian faith, God guarantees wisdom to those who ask for it.

I'm asking.

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Lisa said...

I like your point about being present in the moment (or Steady Mom's point). I need to be constantly reminded of the importance of that.