Thursday, February 25, 2010

curse that groundhog

About once every six months, I find myself - uninspired. Unfocused. Not challenging or engaging my children, because I'm neither challenged nor engaged, myself. I'm responsible for fostering curiosity and creativity around here, and I'm neither curious nor creative right now. And there's really nothing like boredom to suck the life out of an otherwise happy room.

I realized today the depth of our collective malaise. Asher spent - what? a half hour? three hours? whining creates a time warp - literally on my heels, pleading with me to go to a different Pub1ix, or to move his train table into the middle of the living room (I would honey, except it's a couple hundred pounds and is wider than the doorway), or to paint on the floor. He. is. so. bored. It's been a long winter, the longest I can remember. Too cold for playing in mud puddles, too cold to stay on the playground very long. I understand that other parts of the country are colder than ours, but seriously? It was 27* this morning, and it has been every morning since the dawn of time (or so it seems, I swear it does). Which would be fine and good, except that the Deep South is just not prepared for this kind of weather. Asher doesn't even own a pair of gloves, for pete's sake. No galoshes, no hats. There are very few indoor activities available, because real winter typically lasts about 2 weeks here. This year it has been raining and 35* since Halloween.

So say a prayer for us, if you feel so inclined. I too am feeling the blister of a winter worn too long. Never have I been so ready for spring.

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Lisa said...

AMEN! Since we have had winter for the duration of the actual season, we've been stuck inside (except for the rare warm spells that last about a day) for the last 10 weeks straight. That's a lot of inside. We have cabin fever BAD.