Friday, January 08, 2010

it's as old as Abel and the other guy

Yesterday afternoon we were in the car, running errands. Our house has been plagued with a particularly pungent case of being three the past few days, so I was hoping to prepare Asher ahead of time that our trip to the mall was going to be perfunctory, not entertainment. "Asher," I said, "We're just going to the department store. We don't have time to go see the fountains today." He received this news exactly as every preschooler being told "no" at 5 p.m. does, and from the back seat he began bellowing, "AW! But I DO want to go to the mall! Yes! Yes fountains! Yes mall!" His protests quickly just became a wail of, "Yes!" from the back seat.

Silas, meanwhile, was observing and plotting. Every time his brother bellowed, "YES!" in protest, Silas calmly - and deliberately - said, "No." Actually, Silas' "No" sounds like "Nome." Pretty soon, the back seat is all, "YES!" "Nome." "YES!" "Nome." A minute or two later, Asher becomes irritated by his brother (imagine that) and says to him, "NO! You don't say that. NO!" to which Silas calmly - and deliberately - responds, "Yes."


leslie said...

Laugh out loud funny!~ I read it to Trey and he thought it was hilarious too!!! We have those same scenarios ALL the time with the girls! Rory really knows how to get Jace going sometimes!

wheelsonthebus said...

that's awesome. it's also my life.

Valerie said...


Valerie said...

(That last comment was serious by the way- looking at it after it posted looked like it might have been sarcastic, but it was not. For the imaginary record that no one is keeping.)

Also, my word verification is scende. Scende- Olde English; "Asher wantede to scende Silas awaye."