Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I have funny posts brewing - about Asher's utter devotion to Tow Mater and this little PERSON Silas has suddenly become - but my heart's not in it tonight. I can't stand to watch coverage of Haiti - 9/11 and the tsunami in Asia and Katrina, and I just don't have the stomach for it anymore - but it feels irreverent to click over to Facebook instead. Acts of God - seen and unseen - have a way of stirring me up.

We met with our church leadership last night, and answered questions like, "Tell me what Jesus means to you," and "Tell me the importance of the cross." Then, yesterday afternoon on the phone, someone asked me, "Are you happy?" And I am, yes, but the past few days have been full of big questions and long answers. On the television I'm reminded of how easy my life is, and how important infrastructure is. Complain all you want about governmental intrusion into business - our government, with its building codes and elevator inspectors and road maintenance, keeps us alive.

That's all I've got tonight - nothing cute, not really anything coherent, just a head full of thoughts on a Wednesday evening.

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