Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Look at those sweet boys. I wish I was still that amazed by daily life.

You are all waiting with breathless anticipation to hear updates about my daily life, I'm sure. And I'd hate to disappoint you, so -

1. Asher's birthday party this year is going to be in the mall. Since we can't avoid the fact that his birthday is the week of Christmas, and since consumerism and flat-out SILLINESS (that I mostly love, in bite-sized pieces) surround a holy season either way, we might as well milk it and get some cheap entertainment (and free decorations) out of the whole thing. There's a train that rides around Santa's sleigh, and a carousel that stands year round. Add some cupcakes, and voila! Instant party.

2. Mothering a small child is so drastically different from mothering a baby that I can't believe it all falls under the same heading. I'm in completely new territory here. But that's another post for a different time.

3. It's true - my sister is actually, finally, really getting married (in a really for real wedding) this weekend. Let the insanity begin.

4. Little Silas fell face first on the cement on Saturday and seriously busted his lip (my hat's off to OxyClean, by the way, for completely removing blood from both of our shirts the first time around). As if that wasn't bad enough, he fell on the cement AGAIN yesterday and opened it up all over again, and now it just looks bad. B-A-D bad. I'm sure the second time it needed a stitch, but they won't close up older wounds because of the risk of infection, and my doctor's office doesn't do mouths (so I've been told), so I didn't take him to the ER just to be told they couldn't do anything for him. Still. Every time I look at his mouth it makes my lip sting a little. Poor little guy.

5. Now that I've worked out three times in the past two weeks, I can't. stop. eating. It's insane - I'm eating like I'm training for a marathon, when I've barely even broken a sweat. Pasta, bread, marshmallows - good grief. Send salad. Fast.

6. And because you were so patient with my banality, a few Thanksgiving pictures. From me to you.

My sister and her baby. How sweet are they? And can you believe he's already three months old?

Asher and Silas hanging out on the porch swing at Grandma and Grandpa's. Have I told you guys how much Silas LOVES being an only child two mornings a week at his Grandma's house? He is pretty sure that he should have her undivided attention at all times, and spent Thanksgiving morning calling "MEEE-MAAA!" every time she walked out of his sight. So sweet.

I'll probably use one of these pictures for a Christmas card, because goodness knows getting both of my children in a single picture is a feat.

We have a maple tree that turns late and bright, and it's become a tradition to take pictures of the kids playing in the colors every fall. This was my favorite from the set.

Happy Tuesday.


papilio588 said...

Love love love this post!! I am absolutely DYING to see those sweet little boys!!!

Lisa said...

Great pics of the boys. Other than the craziness of the mall, I think that anything that creates fun for really cheap is a great birthday party.

The Bean said...

Those are really sweet pictures. The boys look like twins!