Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The old gray blog, she ain't what she used to be.

I just don't have as much time to blog anymore. But now that I'm here, what would you like to hear?

I could lament the loss of naptime (which is significant - not just because I no longer have quiet time during the day, but because my patience drops off sharply after about 2:30 pm and that is regrettable. But Asher has dug in his heels and dropped his nap at exactly the same time, and I am only human. I'm trying to implement a quiet time in his room, but of course quiet time has become the line drawn in the sand, and I spend most of our "quiet hour" directing him back to his room. Mothers who have survived three-years-old, send your advice here. Goodness knows I need it). But who wants to hear me gripe? Not me, and if I don't want to hear myself whine I can only assume you don't, either.

I could lament the weather (because, seriously? We have had so many days of 40* and raining that I've lost count. 40* and raining is the pits - just drop ten more degrees and snow already), but a. that's hardly news, and b. it's going to rain whether I complain about it or gives thanks for it, so why bother complaining about it?

I have plenty of gripes tonight, but I think I'll skip them. Instead I bring you the good news of the gospel of exercise.

I've mentioned before that my neighbor and I are going to work out a couple of mornings a week. I'm not as bad at the elliptical as I was when I started, though I'm hardly up to the mountain climber setting or anything like that. But I am gradually increasing my time, and most importantly, we're actually showing up and doing it. And ... drum roll please ... I lost 5 lbs over the holidays. FIVE POUNDS. During the month of December, when I subsisted mostly on cheese and cupcakes. I have done not one thing to merit losing weight except go to the gym at 6 a.m. with my neighbor. I've read that working out first thing in the morning jump starts your metabolism, and I guess that's what's happened, but it's a little hard to believe. For years I counted everything I ate, and now I'm losing weight unintentionally? During the holidays? I don't say this to brag - I'm mostly dumbfounded. Me, losing weight without trying. It's like looking in the mirror one morning and discovering your hair color changed while you were sleeping. It's just ... odd.

But dude, if you're going to work out, do it at 6 a.m. Your metabolism will thank you.

Happy Wednesday all.


Jason said...

Mornings are the best and I have yet to master the elliptical machine I always feel like runnaway train or as robin williams once said " a maniac horse running through a burning barn"

The Review Lady said...

I'm on week four of the elliptical becoming my friend - no high elevations here either, just trying to increase my time. But 6am?!?! Wow. I'm impressed.

Kendra said...

I have an appt with my doctor tomorrow, where I will find out how much I have GAINED in the month of Dec.

If it is a large number, I don't know if we will be able to still be friends....