Thursday, December 31, 2009


I received an email this morning from the Prayer Room. Derek Loux, a member of their leadership, has adopted seven children with special needs and is the director of the Orphan Justice Center, a leg of the Prayer Room which is focused on adoption and restoration of orphans. Derek died in a car accident December 22. He was 37. The email was intended to give memorial times, but it also included a few quotes from people who knew him. One of the quotes said,

"He was intensely and personally involved in bringing justice to many. He demonstrated the value of life to people and individuals so that they could experience their own value and freedom."

He demonstrated the value of life to individuals, so that they could experience their own value and freedom. What a beautiful legacy to have left his children and the children he served.

The word Pro-Life has become a political banner to wave in anger. It has to do with legislation, and - as with all politics - it is intended to mark people, divide them. But to value life - to know the worth of the person standing in front of you, every single time - is a gift. Acknowledging another person's value gives them a sense of worth and freedom that can't be found another way.

I hope this is my legacy, too. I want to value life above convenience or comfort, and certainly above politics or ideologies.

That's what's on my mind this morning.


ljkgates said...

What a touching blog. My prayer for 2010 is that I will value life more now then ever. What a wonderful world this would be if we all lived the life your friend did. I will be praying for his family and all of his friends. What a great loss for all who knew him.

Jason said...

Thanks for sharing this ...