Tuesday, December 15, 2009


December 2006 - I remember spending Christmas Eve night rocking a four-day-old tiny Asher and singing, "O Come O Come Emmanuel" and thanking God for giving me a son. I missed the Christmas Eve service that year, obviously, but it was the most spiritual Christmas of my life. I'll never forget it.

December 2007 - It was at Asher's first birthday party that I began to understand I was raising a little introvert. He tried to climb INTO his crib to take a nap while 40 of our friends and relations ate chili in the living room. What I remember most about that December is baking cinnamon rolls in Granny's honor (she died December 1 of that year) while a little toddling Asher baby pulled all of the laundry out of the dryer, one by one.

December 2008 - He knew December was one big party. He knew it was his birthday, and then we had Christmas, and then we went to Nashville. But he thought birthdays were a holiday, and that everyone had the same as him, in December, just like him. So whenever anyone would say, "Merry Christmas!" He would reply, "Happy birthday!" We ate Mickey Mouse cake in the park and it was cold and sunny, and he loved it. But what I remember most about that month is hearing him greet all of his friends and relations with "Happy Birthday!"

December 2009 - I will remember Asher's description of what he wants for his birthday. Actually, it's the only thing he has ever asked for, ever - the only toy he has ever requested as a gift. I should say, it's the first toy he's ever requested. "I want a REAL REAL REAL BIG dump truck with yellow and black on it and it has a scooper in the front and wheels that go around and it scoops up things and digs up dirt like this see!" Followed by his illustration of a scooper in action. It befits his age. And that's what I'll remember about Asher's third birthday party. It was loud and busy, full and fun. It was what three-year-old parties should be.

Happy Birthday, everyone.


wheelsonthebus said...

Three year old birthday parties are awesome.

Lisa said...

And happy birthday right back atcha!