Friday, November 20, 2009

i owe you guys some pictures.

So, here you go.

At the pumpkin patch with some of our friends from church. How cute are those kids? And don't you think we need one more scarecrow? The backdrop looks a little bare to me.

My happy boy.

Hudson is morphing into a baby - not just a newborn anymore. This one was taken about 2 weeks ago. He has changed even more since then.

Didn't I tell you that toddlers dressed as woodland fairies were every bit as cute as they sound?

This one is my favorite. Silas climbed up on the little step, spread out his hands magnanimously, and pronounced, "Yooooo Gabba Gabba!" Hysterical.

And a few more ... A few weeks ago Silas was awake while Asher was asleep, so I took a few pictures of him playing outside.

You can find more on the flickr site. Happy Friday all.

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