Sunday, November 22, 2009

I observe more than I participate in anything online. Contests, ads, and rants often catch my attention, but I just don't get involved very often.

But this one is different.

Reese's Rainbow is an organization that helps place orphans around the world with Down Syndrome with adoptive families. They also offer financial support and follow up support groups for adopting families. A family we know has adopted three little girls with Down Syndrome (and another typically developing little girl), and Reese's Rainbow has helped them along the way. As she said so well, there are plenty of families who are financially able to support a child, but have trouble with the large lump sums required in international adoption. So true. Anyway, Reese's Rainbow is selling ornaments this year. All of the money earned will go into a trust fund to help with adoption expenses. Their goal is to raise $1000 for each waiting child. If you are interested, you can click on the bauble on the sidebar, or read here for more information.

To Select a Bauble For Your Blog

Also, Adrienne is selling t-shirts to raise money to finalize her adoption of Lily. The shirts are really cute. Click here to read more.

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