Wednesday, July 01, 2009

silas update

We got the results back from Silas's allergy tests. He's allergic to - are you ready for this? - nothing. Nothing they tested him for anyway. I don't even know what to say to that, except WHAT?! Any chance they switched his test with some other kid's? He tested negative for dairy, but just this week got all congested for a couple of days after eating creamed corn. My logic was that creamed corn is CREAMED (duh) with dairy, so it was probably the dairy in the corn affecting him.

I don't even know what to say about that, except that it does give me the freedom to let him start trying soy milk and crackers (without oats or dairy, because WHATEVER, he totally reacts to dairy, even if the blood test says he doesn't), widening his diet a little, and getting him off his bottle.

Speaking of, I'm not concerned about dropping the bottle. He's ready for it - but I am a little sad for ME about it. He's not a baby to just sit in your lap, so most days that bedtime bottle is the longest that he'll snuggle up to me all day. I'm sad to see that end. As far as he is concerned, though, he shows all signs of being ready to wean completely.

His imitating and vocalization skills are improving every day, which makes me think his hearing has improved since the tubes, too. Today he was singing (approximating, obviously), "back-pack, back-pack" along with Dora. SO. CUTE. He also will hear a familiar voice and RACE off to be a part of the action. He is a baby who does NOT want to miss any of the fun ... Such a social little guy. But he will also act bashful if someone is talking directly to him. He really looks like he's flirting - he'll put his head down and look at them from the corner of his eye, then smile. It's super cute.

Silas will also cover his eyes if you ask, "Where's Silas?" and then throw open his arms and imitate the tone of "There he is!" Except, sometimes he gets excited and covers his forehead with his hands, or one eye and one ear, etc. Today he was throwing a blanket over his head and then doing the, "There he is!" sing-song by himself in the living room.

He's also getting closer to being a vertical baby every day. He's taking 3-4 steps at a time, and stands up in the middle of the floor to play with a toy all day long.

I LOVE this age. It is my favorite, to live with and to teach. If I could just have 8- to about 20-month-old babies all the time (minus the teething), I'd have 10 of them.

But seriously? What is UP with the negative allergy test and the positively sneezy watery-eyed baby?


leslie said...

There is a difference between food allergies and food intolerance..... he is probably intolerant to dairy :) The truth is alot of kids are intolerant to dairy and it causes congestion and drainage in the average person.

But that's good new about widening his diet :)

Oh and by the way.... Jace has renamed the fish from Simon to Silas!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

All Ike's test said he was allergic to nothing too. So annoying. Someone told me they can have an "intolerance" and the intolerance does not show up on the allergy test, but presents the same symptoms. ???

All I know is with Ike, milk = snot factory. No milk, no snot. That's my allergy test.