Tuesday, June 30, 2009

1. Joshilyn always talks about how her mental health has an inverse relationship to her husband's traveling. ME TOO. Brian is gone tonight, and was gone two nights last week, and in general we have averaged 1-2 nights a week at home together since, what, April? I'm getting twitchier by the day.

Really friends, it's not good. I yelled at the dog today and he cowered. COWERED! As though I would hit him! And both kids stared slack-jawed at me, too, so obviously my crazy was showing. But seriously? If he doesn't stop eating the peanut butter sandwiches off the counter the SECOND I turn my back ... I made three in a row today before offering Asher something else.

2. Asher asks - all day all the time every where always - how things work. "How that sign works?" "How that air conditioner works?" "How that dog works?" "How Miss Wubbzy" - he means our friend Leslie - "works?" Every thing. All the time. Always. Yesterday on the way home, he asked, "How 'yes' works?" I said, "You tell me. How does 'yes' work?" He smiled and said, "You say, 'no,' and I say, 'YES!'" Indeed, little boy. When you're two years old, that's exactly how 'yes' works.

3. Yahoo!'s attempts at finding pictures that show Michael Jackson enjoying life are becoming increasingly disturbing. The man just didn't smile that often at the camera in the last ten years, and when he does he just looks ... odd. Creepy. I get that he had an impact on pop music, but really, I'm having a hard time grasping why all the hullaballu over his death. I liked Bad as much as any third grader, but since then? The man has gotten stranger - and more strange looking - by the year. I've really enjoyed Emily's quasi-series of posts on his life as a cautionary tale, because isn't that kind of what it was? Either way, the smiley Michael Jackson pictures look contrived and creepy.

With that, I'm off to scrub something and mutter to the dog. Good night all.


Anonymous said...

we've averaged about 2 nights a week since 2004...

Madame Rubies said...

I am reading Joss' 3rd book right now. Took me long enough.

I love that your crazy is showing. Makes me feel more normal. ;)

Mercy's Maid said...

I just kind of blew off the whole MJ hullabaloo for the most part (am I sad he died? yes. I wish he would have had a normal, healthy life and I feel bad for his family and fans), until I read an article yesterday that quoted the mayor of Gary, IN saying that Michael deserves a memorial worthy of the prince of peace.

There is only one Prince of Peace and it's not MJ.


leslie said...

Miss Wubzy huh? I must look like a giant square to him :) lol