Sunday, June 14, 2009


Silas took his first steps today! He walked 3-4 steps from Brian to Linda (Silas's grandma). Those poor second babies - they just don't have very many moments when the whole room is focused on them, but all eyes were on Silas this morning when he walked for the first time. Hooray for him! He's growing into such a sweet, curious, determined little baby boy.

(PS The grandparents like to talk about how Silas is into things more than Asher was. To this I say, your memory is short. Asher was EVERYWHERE. I remember because I was pregnant with Silas and chasing Asher at the same time. Now, Silas is definitely a more proficient climber than Asher, and not quite as easily deterred from his original plan, but I spent six months of my life teaching Asher to "walk away".)

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ljkgates said...

Those few steps were a proud time for this grandma. I have talked about them all day! YEA Silas.