Tuesday, June 16, 2009

letters from home

Dear TNT,

I would like to speak with you regarding your recent programming changes. Law and Order and Charmed have traded times, and it is really screwing with my routine. Much like yourself, I hold my lunch hour in high regard. It is normally my one quiet hour of the day, when I sit down to watch a thought-provoking rerun and catch my breath. Only now, just about the time the microwave dings with my soup, I turn on the t.v. and stare at Shannon Doherty (I don't even know her character's name, so insistent am I to NOT watch Charmed) instead of the beloved Lennie Briscoe. Charmed, really? You're competing with, what? CSI Miami and the soaps, right? But if you show Law and Order, you have a whole segment of the population - the segment that holds smart television dear to her heart - who will, like me, turn off the t.v. rather than watch something as ridiculous as Charmed or A Baby Story (am I the only mother in the world who absolutely loves her children and absolutely loathes A Baby Story? Women in pain for half an hour. HOW is that possibly appealing to watch? Even worse is Bringing Home Baby. Want to know how the first three days of life with a new baby are going to go? You're going to be tired. And sore. And overwhelmed. And have lots of company. The end. I just saved you half an hour of your life. But I digress.) What does one DO during lunch time if Law and Order isn't on, anyway? I really don't know.

Please bring them back. Without it, I may be forced to READ.



jmac said...

or blog ;-)

Madame Rubies said...

Dear Stephanie,

Turn off the TV. Read a book.

Your Brain

Hee hee. Sorry. Could not resist. I LOVE YOU! And I refuse to watch Charmed.

I also loathe A Baby Story. I loved it when prag with number 1, but have hated it since. And shows like Jon and Kate. I HAVE kids, thanks.

Anonymous said...

have you ever watched charmed? I like that show. I own the entire series on dvd..... LOL

but seriously.... If I am lucky enough to have ONE WHOLE HOUR of quiet time in the middle of the day my TV is OFF! haha

sorry your routine is being messed with!