Saturday, June 06, 2009


1. We had two of our neighbors (and friends, of course) with their families plus my sister and her boyfriend over for dinner tonight. It was chaotic and fun and full of life and watermelon and ice cream. Five kids under three, three men around a grill, and four mothers making plates and taking someone else to the potty. I love it.

2. Brian has a reputation for getting the most out of his money. He buys everything - every single solitary thing ever, and that is not an exaggeration - cheaper than seems possible, and is a master of finding sales or just playing chicken with the department store until they finally fold and put whatever he wants on clearance. Even our thirteen year old questionably reliable car took him a year to buy, but he paid 25% less than the seller originally asked. His way works, and it keeps us afloat on one income, but it can be maddening when you just NEED the THING, already. Anyway, today I took a page from his book. I've been talking about sprucing up our living room for months, but somehow never quite get around to it. Which worked in my favor, because I found a golden yard sale today. They had two couch pillows that were PERFECT for 5$. Total. I also found polo-style shirts and jeans for Silas, which is perfect timing, because his head barely squeezes through most of his shirts right now. Hooray for me and great deals.

3. This is probably news to nobody but me, but I no longer have two babies. One of them is a little boy. It snuck up on me, but suddenly I just can't get around it anymore. One day earlier this week it rained all day, and during Silas's morning nap Asher had a camp-out. We put together his tent, went fishing (with his fishing puzzle) and made smores (which are better with Ritz than grahams, by the way). He really had a good time, and the whole morning I kept thinking, you are a little boy - a tiny boy, to be sure, but definitely no longer a baby.

(I hear Pinnochio saying, "I'm a real boy!")

4. In a similar vein, Silas and I had a few minutes this afternoon to sit alone together. It's not that I don't want to spend time with Silas, that it's no longer important to me or that I've forgotten how important it is for him. It's just that there is less time available - Asher and I have Silas's morning nap, but Silas and I just have to take the time whenever it presents itself. He was so cute today - he loved being the only child for a little while, babbling in my lap and grinning at his little book. He even tried to imitate the elephant noise. I love that baby boy.

5. Silas had a scary moment last night - his lips started swelling, which is the beginning of anaphylaxis. I'm pretty sure he reacted to sweet potatoes, which he has eaten since he was four months old. Silas has had allergic reactions since he was born, but this was the first that could have eventually become life-threatening. The Benadryl worked, so it never got serious, but I was a certifiable wreck for the rest of the night. I started to write an entire post about it. Maybe I still will. Either way, it was scary, but he's okay now. Thankfully.

Good night all.

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Laura M. said...

that sounds terrifying. what the heck? I would freak out. but it sounds like you have experience with the food allergy thing, unfortunately but fortunately (?) the camping idea is so great. i am sure he will cherish those types of memories his whole life.