Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The computers are out to get me tonight. All of them.

In general, the world has been after me today. I could list my gripes, but really, why bother? It won't be that interesting to read, and will only feed my mood, so I'll move on.

How about pictures instead?

Silas got a little bear outfit from his Grandma. The period of time you can pull off putting your child in a hat with ears is very brief, so I am living it up.

Have I mentioned lately how much this is my favorite age? The whole reason I endure nine months of pregnancy is to have babies his age. That, and to listen to toddlers talk. It really doesn't get much better than that.

But Asher has become a little - how shall I say this? - DEMANDING. Today he called me (as one might call the dead) from across the house. I came running around the corner to see him pointing to a toy that, no lie, was this far from his hand. "Mama get it," he said. No, honey. Asher can get it. He likes to wash his face with his milk and proclaim, "Oh wow. Preddy." Some days he will refuse protein at every meal, just to watch his mother twitch. He has renamed Silas "Bro," and this morning came into the kitchen to announce, "Mama, Bro cry." He did not announce that he'd just been in his drowzy brother's room. He screams at the dog, laughs hysterically at Moose A. Moose, hasn't had a peaceful nap in weeks, and automatically responds to every question with "No," whether he means it or not. Welcome to living with a two-year-old.

Georgia's Mom always says that her kids take turns being difficult. It would seem as though mine are going to follow suit, and lately, they've traded off. At least they don't gang up against me, though. Not yet.


wheelsonthebus said...

dude -- z has been refusing protein for almost 4 years. welcome to my world.

Kendra said...

Seriously loving the hoodie with ears. That little boy is SO smiley!!!! =-)

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Oh my gosh - that top photo could make me melt.