Friday, November 28, 2008

It's 7:26 a.m. I'm drinking coffee and watching a Mork and Mindy marathon. Nice.

Thanksgiving was nice, as well. Turkey and pie with my parents. Long naps for babies and Brian. Boat ride at dusk (for everyone else - Silas and I stayed home, because I am not brave enough to take him on the water yet. Next summer). Asher stayed with my parents for the first time last night, and I was surprised to be sad when it was time to leave him there. Asher was not sad - he was excited to be hanging out with Big Daddy, who is only slightly less intriguing than Mickey Mouse to my children. But this morning the house is too quiet. (Fonzi(e?) has set up Mork and Laverne - Penny Marshall - on a blind date. I wonder what it would cost to put them all on one stage now.)

Last spring, when people would talk about what life with two children is going to be like, I would say, "I can't wait for next Christmas. Silas will be six months old, Asher will be two, and life will be much easier." I was right. From about five to eight months old, babies sleep well (usually), eat less often, interact with you, play with toys, giggle - and stay in one place. It's the golden age of babyhood, and it's my very favorite time. I knew that if I could just get through the summer and early fall, life would be easier by Christmas. I was right. We are finally - finally! - in a groove in our house. Silas is eating food (sweet potatoes and cereal, sweet potatoes and cereal), so he doesn't need to eat as often. He also finally is moving into a two nap routine, which means Asher has a few hours every morning to play alone or to play with me, and that makes him a calmer, happier child as well. Brian and I have more time to talk to one another, and not just man our stations. And Silas is turning into a little charmer - cooing to ceiling fans, laughing at strangers, chewing his fingers. It's golden, I'm telling you. I have time to realize I need exercise and the occasional company of adults, not to mention a book I haven't already read. I'm also accustomed to the pace, so life no longer feels hectic, it just feels like my life. Golden.


Anonymous said...

i remember when i felt just this way right around two years ago. golden, indeed.

Nick M. said...

The more I see both of your boys I see you in Asher and I see Brian in Silas. That is SO GREAT!!

My word scramble for this comment: equalo-it's how your husband would have said the word 'equal' in Spanish class...equalo

Stephanie said...

Nick, I definitely see Brian in Silas. What always surprises me is how even though Silas is growing about the same rate as Asher did at his age, their body shapes are completely different. I don't know why it surprises me - it's more unusual to see two brothers who look just alike than it is to see brothers who look different - but it does.

And equalo made me laugh out loud. He TOTALLY would have said that.

Mary said...

If you are looking for suggestions on the "book you haven't already read" department, I saw that Wally Lamb has a new book out.

I won't have time to read it until after exams but it is my first order of business post December 16.

Kendra said...

Such beautiful boys you have!!! I am so happy to read things are so blessed in your life right now =-) Hope it stays that way for a loonnnggg time!!!