Saturday, November 29, 2008


Joshilyn started a silly Thanksgiving meme that was really fun to read, so I'm going to play along.

Here's the question - what daily irritation are you also grateful for?

1. Cell phones. I hate them. I hate when people are rude in public because they are on their phone. When I worked at the coffee shop, I hated when (and was sometimes entertained by) people talking on their phone while ordering their drink. I hate to be in mid-sentence at the dinner table, and Brian's phone rings. I hate the assumption that a ringing phone is more important than whatever is happening in real life. But I also love them. I can always get in touch with Brian, even though his car is his office. Some of my favorite people live in other towns, and I talk with them by phone all the time. Also, I usually talk on the phone when I'm driving, so if I didn't have a cell phone I would almost never use a phone at all. They are equal parts convenient and irritating, but today I choose to be thankful for them.

2. Diapers. Please hear me groan as I say that word. Diapers - Blech. Boo. Yuck. I blame the hypoallergenic formula, but Silas has the MOST DISGUSTING leaking diapers ever. EVER. They leak every single day. He wears a minimum of three outfits a day (not counting pajamas), and I usually find myself up to my elbows in CRAP at least once a day (usually right when I need to leave the house, with the cell phone ringing). And we don't skimp on diapers. He has the deluxe super brand, and they still leak every time because I think he just produces more, you know, than a diaper is equipped to handle. Leaky poopy diapers make me crazy, but today I choose to be thankful for them. Because catching some of the poo is certainly preferable to catching none at all.

3. My dog. He's a shedding, smelly, toy-chewing, leaf-tracking, toddler-infuriating creature who insists on drooling on the couch when no one is looking, and about once a day I have to refrain from cursing at him. But I also love my dog. He's my dog, you know? So today I choose to forgive the hair on the carpet and the mangled Little People, and be thankful for my dog.

What about you? What irritating part of life are you thankful for?


Mary said...

Wow. Just wow. The testicle corn story made my entire day. Laughter to the point of tears. Thanks for linking to FTK. I don't read it often enough any more.

Stephanie said...

Yeah, the testicle corn story was hysterical.

The Bean said...

Have you tried Luvs diapers? They work awesome for us once ours are out of Pampers New Baby Swaddlers. Which by the way we had to buy size 1 diapers for new bean 3 days after we got home and have over half a package of newborn diapers we didn't get to use because he is so big.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Would i sound like a terrible mom if I just listed my four children?

Yeah. I probably would.

Better wait till the road trip trauma wears off.

Kendra said...

Does my family count?! ; )

Afton said...

I too love my pet & I'm thankful to them for their love & affection.