Saturday, October 11, 2008

How to finish all of your home improvement projects:

1. Send the mobile half of your family away for a few days.
2. Have your baby be just sick enough to need to be home, but not so sick that he needs constant undivided attention.
3. Make sure it's cloudy and rainy all weekend.
4. Send the family car on the trip; you keep the other car, the one that doesn't have air conditioning and smells like a boy (and RAN OUT OF GAS the one time I used it all weekend. Of course you can call that operator error, but I'm pretty sure the one who normally drives it shouldn't leave the thing to sputter until I noticed).
5. Ask almost everyone you know to leave town at the same time.

You won't believe how productive you'll be.

I've painted cabinets, addressed birth announcements (I KNOW), finished thank you's, dealt with the enormous stack of paperwork that had accumulated to such a degree that I could barely even see the table beneath it, rearranged and re-organized the kitchen, framed new pictures, filled out forms for church, posted stuff on freecycle, and bought new cannisters. I also have held and rocked and talked to little Silas all weekend. I can't get over how he is morphing from infant to baby, basically getting rounder by the minute. Watching a baby grow never becomes ordinary.

It was a good weekend.

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Elizabeth said...

I do the same thing. I am never as productive as when my husband has to go out of town for some reason. Maybe it's because I can't fully accomplish anything during nap time, and I hate to leave things scattered around and "in progress". But if I can spread it over several naptimes, then it's easier. My husband has a TWO WEEK (!) business trip coming up, and I think he just may come back to a completely transformed house.