Thursday, September 25, 2008

tales of Paci Cline

My life is so good right now.  I'm bad about keeping quiet when things are good, and talking endlessly when things are bad.  But life is good.  For example:

1.  The next time you see Asher, ask him to count his toes.  "One, ku, fee, ate, ten, leven!"  That's how many toes he has.  And then he claps for himself, because he knows it makes us laugh.

2.  Have you noticed how everyone blogging from Alabama keeps talking about how nice the weather is?  It's because we've been sweating for months, and now we can turn off the AC and open the windows.  It's glorious.  High today was 79 and low humidity.  It seems a shame to ever go inside.

3.  Praise Jesus, Silas decided his naptime hiatus was not working out.  After four days of never napping for more than about half an hour at a time, he gave up and slept three and a half hours yesterday afternoon.  Today he's had better naps - and been happier in between - than ever.  Hooray for all of us.  However, my kids seem to be falling into practically opposite schedules, and aside from some overlaps in the morning, they basically take turns being asleep all day long.  Which means I'm both tethered to the house and never alone, ever.  How am I ever going to get anything done?  I told Brian I need to take a personal day - I need to go to the post office and the DMV and do all of the things I loathe, especially with two babies in tow.  But who do I turn in my leave slip to?

4.  I have been lucky in love.  Really, not many people can say that, and I know how rare - and what a blessing - it is.  I have had a few conversations this week about failing marriages, and it reminds me how good my life is.  I honestly cannot imagine trying to decide what would harm my children more, staying or leaving.  My big problem of the week is a baby's nap schedule.  How lucky am I?

5.  Asher has started putting two ideas together.  The early interventionist in me is thrilled.  

6.  A few weeks ago, at my mom's house, he and my mom were singing at the piano.  My mom was talking about Patsy Cline, but Asher doesn't know any Patsies - he only knows his beloved Paci.  For the rest of the afternoon he kept bringing up Paci Cline.   I've been laughing about it ever since.  One other Asher story - the other night, shortly after telling him good night, I heard Asher announce from his bed, "TA DA!"  Normally, "TA DA!" is reserved for standing on something, so my first thought was, I bet he's learned how to climb out of bed.  I hurry back to find Asher lying on his back, feet in the air (like a baby seal), with his blanket balanced on his feet.  TA DA!

In other news, I took the boys to have their picture made today.  Our photographer was a saint, but they are just at the wrong age to get a good picture of the two of them.  We'll try again this winter.  I really prefer to wait until seven months or so to get pictures made, anyway, because by then Silas will be able to sit up and smile on command (basically).  But I saw a picture of a baby and his big sister last week that was adorable, and so I wanted to try.  Meh, not so much.  She did get one good shot of Asher, but that's it.  Oh well.  We'll go back in January. 

One more thing - anyone who is subjected to television for young children, go now and read this post.  It's so funny - laugh out loud at the computer screen funny.  

How has your week been?

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