Saturday, September 27, 2008

Okay, I enjoy SEC football as much as the next girl.  Even so - here we are in the middle of this economic crisis no one really understands, gas is still $4.00 a gallon in the South, and Atlanta is in a gas shortage.  These are serious times, and it was suggested that the Georgia/ Alabama football game should be postponed because of the strain several thousand visitors would put on an already scarce fuel supply.  In response, the GOVERNOR of Georgia said the game would go on.  Now I understand this is more complex than I'm saying - obviously the local economy needs the football game to happen, and rescheduling an SEC game is not exactly easy, and we wouldn't want any team rankings to be confused by rearranging games - but even so.  The governor defending football just makes me laugh.  Talk about protecting values.  Have fun in Georgia, tide fans.  And I hope you packed your sleeping bag, because unless your car gets good gas mileage, you might be there a while.


papilio588 said...

no wouldnt that be something if people got stuck in a city with no gas because of a football game. geez

Go Pumas! said...

Okay, but did you see this game? It was awesome, especially for Alabama fans. Roll, Tide roll!